Our Suites

Hotel Quinta las Acacias has 16 rooms and suites, each one with a special and unique charm. This is one of many qualities that make us a luxurious boutique hotel.

Each room has been decorated with a theme and has been named on the basis of its décor.The names of the rooms are based on personalities, legends and areas of our country. To know them, is to live them!

The main House,dating back to the 19th century, with its European architecture, has six rooms. Each was decorated with great care with antiques and furniture of epoch; achieving an atmosphere that will transport you in the centuries.

In the back of the main House are the remaining suites.Some originated from ruins that were on the property. These suites are larger and the extra space provided our architects the required space for large bathrooms with jacuzzi. Some of them were decorated with handicrafts from different regions of Mexico and others with a classical European style. Each of these suites has a unique character with details that make them astonishingly beautiful.